Ragtime Cowboy Joe Heralds Astrodome

Statue of Jack Murphy
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego CA

Nearly 54 years ago, San Diego Union Sports Editor Jack Murphy writes of the newly opened Astrodome: “It’s a pitcher’s park, a hitter’s park and a customer’s park. Everybody loves it. Houston is Calcutta with a ten-gallon hat and a drawl. But inside the dome is 72-degree comfort.” ~ San Diego Union, April 13, 1965.

Thanks to another fine research recovery by friend and Pecan Park Eagle contributorĀ Darrell Pittman, here’s another fine writing artifact from the man who even wrote his way into the hearts of San Diego fans to the point of them naming a stadium for him in their fine town. Remember hearing of Jack Murphy Stadium? Well, folks, this is the guy. Here’s the piece on what we have to suppose was his first game trip to the Astrodome ~ and it happened four years prior to San Diego even having a major league team.

~ Jack Murphy, San Diego Union, April 13, 1965.


How Prophetic! ~ “Chances are the first domed stadium will be as antiquated as the Palace Theatre by the time a World Series is played here.” ~ Jack Murphy, April 13, 1965.

The only thing that Murphy underestimated was changeable Houston club ownership impatience for the task of keeping the Astrodome in the mix for the entire huge time lapse that passed before the Astros reached a first World Series. The club finally got there forty years later in 2005. By this time, the Astros had been out of the original dome for six seasons and were then playing in the downtown covered venue we know today as Minute Maid Park.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



2 Responses to “Ragtime Cowboy Joe Heralds Astrodome”

  1. materene Says:

    I’ve been there in the old Jack Murphy stadium and found it very easy to get STIFF sitting there in that cold Pacific breeze mid winter watching Joe Namath’s last professional game. Also tearfully watched the half time BYU come back of over thirty points made by Texas SMU. I think myself and my brother were the only ones in the stadium wearing the Mustang hat, well at least until about 5 minutes until the end of the game, by then it was time to remove the hats and quietly sneak out of the stadium. It was a beautiful stadium and a great memory.

  2. Wayne Roberts Says:

    I saw two games about five years apart at Jack Murphy—terrible place. Had mezzanine front row seats that were flat with the 15 foot wide aisle. Immediately before game began a popcorn vender rolled his stand in front of me and parked. When I complained he told me this was his spot and I shouldn’t have bought the tickets. It didn’t really matter since the aisle was full of people anyway. Moved so I had expensive bleacher seats. So much for buying tickets from stadium plans on team websites. TERRIBLE stadium design,

    Not a fan of the Padres or San Diego though I hear the new stadium is nice.

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