Nostradamus and The Crimson Tide


Shortly before I slipped into something like a weekend coma with flu-like symptoms early Saturday morning, I had been working here and there on a coach-speak article that focused upon what we constantly hear college football coaches say in these fifteen second pre, middle, and end game statements they make to the sideline TV reporters as their teams are running on and off the field.

Thanks, Coma! ~ You caused me to miss out on a pre-event publication of a pretty much literal peg on what Alabama head coach Nick Saban had to say last night about the Crimson Tide’s 42-31 win over Oklahoma last night. It wasn’t anything Nostradamus would have e-mailed home, but even these no-brainers are an act of artful pride out here in the boonies of 21st century blogging.

When asked by ESPN what he thought of Alabama’s performance in their win over Oklahoma, Nick Saban said, “I saw some things we could have done better, but I was pleased with our overall effort.”

What I had written at least sixteen hours earlier in my unfinished draft read as follows: “Win or Lose the 2018 National Championship, Nick Saban of Alabama will humbly express his final post-game view that he saw some things the Tide could have done better.”

As I watched the game bedside in the second half, I recall seeing Saban barking at one of his players that he had just removed from the game for causing the Tide to miss the benefit of a completed pass deep into the Clemson red zone because of an illegal procedure move he made in the ‘Bama backfield on the same play.

The rapidity of Saban’s speaking lips and the lurching motions of his body toward the player suggested that he was trying to be instructive on some level, but the coach’s general demeanor suggested that the subject was along the lines of the player’s need to re-locate his head from some dark nearby crevice and get it refocused on his duties in the game.

Forgive me. I’m going back to bed now.

Since tomorrow is New Year’s Eve ~ and also my friggin’ birthday and a planned reunion with an ancient cousin on my mother’s side ~ I will be quietly busy through New Years Day and not catching up on non-urgent calls until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Happy New Year, Everybody! ~ Please know that you are both loved and appreciated!

As long as they are making new baseball seasons ~ and as long as we can keep our head clear and our eyes open ~ there will always be a sandlot game going on of some kind here at The Pecan Park Eagle.

Come by anytime.



Bill McCurdy



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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  1. materene Says:

    Happy New Year

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