Mr. Daddy Long Lead

Ty Cobb Stealing 2nd.


Mr. Daddy Long Lead


Mr. Daddy Long Lead ~ was a surefire crash and burn,

He stole a lot of bases ~ with a low crouch start and churn.

Once the pitcher raised his foot ~ to let the next ball fly,

Off would go old Daddy man ~ kicking sand back to the sky.


And as he ran ~ his speed would grow ~ as would his eagle eye,

To race with love ~ toward fielder’s glove ~ where all the chips would fly.

Left or right ~ high or low ~ decisions without thought,

Were matters that unfolded now ~ from all that time had taught.


~ It could have been written in 1905, but it wasn’t. It was written five minutes ago. Have a nice day and remember to mark your calendars. Although it has not been officially announced, spring training for the Houston Astros probably starts on February 13, 2019 ~ when the pitchers and catchers probably show up. ~ That’s 79 days from today, Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

Harmless Useless Trivia Question Parody: As improbable as this deal might be, if Mr. Gonzalez of the Astros were to end up playing for that far south Florida National League team in 2019. would they change their name again ~ this time to ~ The Miami Marwins?

Have a nice day, everybody!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle





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