Pitchers Who Gave Up Ruth’s 714 HR

Babe Ruth ~ The Hero Whose Myths and Deeds Transcend The Usual Limitations of Time Upon Awesome Eternal Regard.

Thanks to Internet site sources like Baseball Almanac.com and Baseball Reference.com, we now have dynamic records at our fingertips that once were only dream possibilities back in the mid-twentieth century of print form materials alone. What a difference the availability of digital, electronically shared data has made in our no-extra-cost abilities to explore and research ~ whether these tools are used for personal joy or deep analytical research ~ until today ~ as they are now used here in the dawn of the Digital Age.

Jack Warhop

Today’s credit goes to Baseball Reference.com.

Our research question was a simple one: We wanted to see a chronological list of all the pitchers ~ from # 1 to # 714 ~ who gave up that golden number of career home runs to Babe Ruth over the course of his MLB career (1914-1935).

One of the first things we learned by confirmation of something we read years ago was that Babe Ruth, the 19-year-old rookie Red Sox pitcher, didn’t hit any homers during the short time he played in “the bigs” in his limited time first season of 1914. That moment would not occur until the following year.

First Two came off RHP Jack Warhop.

Guy Bush

Babe Ruth’s first two big league homers were struck as a member of the Boston Red Sox off right-handed pitcher Jack Warhop of the New York Yankees in separate games played at Yankee Stadium on May 6th and June 2nd of 1915.

Last Two came off RHP Guy Bush.

Babe Ruth’s last two big league homers (#s 713 and 714) were crunched as a member of the Boston Braves off right-handed pitcher Guy Bush of the Pittsburgh Pirates in the same game played at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh on May 25, 1935. An earlier Ruth HR (# 712) in that same famous game off right-hander Red Lucas gave the Babe his last 3-HR game in his incredible career. Ruth would go 0 for 9 in five more games at Cincinnati (3) and Philadelphia (2) and then retire on May 30, 1935.

Two easy ironies.

Babe Ruth made his bones as the greatest slugger of all time wearing the pin stripes of the New York Yankees, but he hit his first first and last two home runs wearing the Boston brand togs of both the Red Sox and the Braves. And he hit his last great home run binge for the Braves ~ the same team ~ two cities and 39 years later removed from Atlanta and the coming of the man who would break his own career homer mark ~ a fellow named Hank Aaron.

A link to your own entertainment with the data from this link is worth the finger compression on your mouse.




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