How Astros-Analytics Improves Good Pitchers

“I never had any analytics training, but I still nailed ’em!”
~ Liam McCurdy


Going into Game Three of the ALCS battle between the Astros and Red Sox, national writer Dave Sheinin wrote this best article I’ve seen, so far, on how the Astros use analytics to help their good pitchers ~ the ones that are both open and physically/mentally able to use this kind of re-directional/or more specific mechanical change or movement emphasis coaching to improve their pitching performance records and game score results from “good” to “excellent”.

The more I read of Sheinin’s October 15th article in The Washington Post, the more I realized that I had not read anyone else attempt to explain this process, if at all, until now. Then, when I read a few of the coverage comments that readers left at the digital version of this story, that I was not alone. Most baseball people apparently don’t really understand how analytics is not simply a tool for selecting players from the same potentials group categories. It’s also a dynamic process for fine-tuning or tweaking some people into even higher levels of achievement that exist for them.

Thank you, Bill Hickman, for advising me of this exciting piece. I’ll be watching Game Three of the ALCS now with an even better and more realistic perception of what I’m seeing from the Astros pitching staff.

Here’s the link. Please read it for yourself at the earliest opportunity:

And GO, ASTROS! ~ Let’s go get ’em in Game 3!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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