noun: anticipation; plural noun: anticipations
  1. the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
    “her eyes sparkled with anticipation
    synonyms: expectancyexpectationexcitementsuspense, awaiting the start of the Astros@Red Sox first game of the 2018 ALCS (numerous other synonymous examples extend from the last entry, but they are far too numerous for fair balanced mention in one published volume on this subject. Come on, Saturday Night, hurry up and get here!)



No other sport arouses the wire-walking brand of anticipation that baseball inspires. I say that in full awareness that anticipation is an essential dynamic to the enjoyment of our pursuit in all matters of desirability. If we desire it, we are going to enjoy the mental trip to whatever that goal is by building thoughts and feelings about how great its going to be just to get there.

Anticipation. It takes time to anticipate anything you have to work hard to get. It took Houston 57 years to taste what winning a World Series could be like ~ and some of us first timer “since 1962” fans are still learning. We had no idea that the wonderful feeling of being fans of the 2017 World Champions could last this long, or simply make us hungry for more, but, for many of us, it sure as heck did.

Pass the ketchup, Pappy! ~ Now we are anticipating that the Astros are fixing to serve us up some more chicken fried steak ~ and we want to make sure that good old red tomato condiment is ready to come out of the bottle by the time our down home cooking banquet meal arrives at our table sometime around the 1st of November.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    No one should sully a chicken-fried steak with ketchup. White gravy (with pepper) all the way. Let another World Series championship be the gravy on the 2018 season!

    • Fred Soland Says:

      Agreed Rick!! Chicken Fried Steaks with cream gravy for the victors and repeat champion Houston Astros.
      No ketchup ( or catsup) required….unless you are having French fried with your chicken fried steak!!

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