Real Evil Eye Robs Astros



It was clear as day from several angle shots on the play at the plate in the top of the seventh. Allowed to be as it should have been called in the first place, Jose Altuve scores and the Astros take a 6-5 momentum lead and continue batting. ~ But no! ~ The MLB in NYC review group concludes that Altuve was out, even though he is never touched by either the ball ~ or the catcher’s glove that holds the ball ~ prior to sliding his left hand across home plate for what the MLB faceless group decides shall be the third out in the inning.

Aha! ~ We see! ~ In spite of all our pre-game print fun with “el ojo malo” that the real “evil eye” lives within the eye sockets of the MLB game call review group ~ and they are going to flat-out trust their own perceptions over anything their “lying eyes” are trying to tell them. We’ve never seem Astros manager A.J. Hinch as upset as he seemed to be after the ten-minute review conference concluded to believe against the visually obvious.

“He did get in there,” manager AJ Hinch said. “It’s clear as day. I’m tired of these questions because replay is set up for precisely that type of play. We feel like we have clear evidence. There is a gap between the tag, his hands on the plate. Continually it gets harder and harder and harder to get a call overturned if they can just simply say it stands. It sounds like sour grapes after a loss, but it’s a tough loss for us.”

“In situations like that, where clearly he hadn’t put the tag on when his hand was on the plate, you would like an explanation,” Astros starter Dallas Kuechel added.

The male ESPN media guy that worked the game with Alex Rodriquez and the the female announcer speculated that the MLB group may have made a case for the catcher’s glove missing the tag in time, but the that the mitt possibly may have had some loose leather strings that came down and brushed Altuve’s arm before he touched the plate.


I guess that means an out tag works something like an electrocution. If you can get the shock of an out contact from a loose glove string, as you might from an electric current, they judges may have been forced to conclude that Altuve was out as the similar-to-electricity-current result.

Pretty shocking!!!

Maybe we need to buy up some of the pictorially featured items below and start selling them to catchers and all infielders who have frequent chances at tag play outs.


For outs to be called on close plays, make sure that the featured glove appendage is in falling-strand contact with sliding runner’s body.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Real Evil Eye Robs Astros”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Leather strings? Since MLB allows base runners to wear oven mitts that are longer than their actual hands, why not use the Foam #1 Hands that are 16 inches long?
    It appeared that the umpire first focused on the catcher’s mitt rather than Altuve’s hand before making the initial call.
    Of course, it wouldn’t have been so crucial if the ‘Stros hadn’t racked up 7 LOBs.

  2. Wayne Says:

    I thought all three announcers agreed he was safe. However, it would’ve helped if the offending grounder to short had been a single or fly out. That said, had the Strangers, which remain the darling of Central Texas news outlets, not folded over the weekend we’d still be 3.5 up.

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