Happy 93rd Birthday, Larry Miggins!

Larry Miggins Himself
Age: Age 93 Today
Born: August 20, 1925
Birthplace: Bronx, NY
Identity: 1st American Birth Generation Born off the Boat from Ireland; former St. Louis Cardinal & Houston Buff; Current Active Member of the Larry Dierker SABR Chapter; Loyal Husband of the Beautiful Kathleen Miggins and the Father of their 12 Children.



Dear Friends and Readers,

We feel sure that Larry would welcome your personal birthday wishes as either a comment below or as an e-mail to Larry in care of his wife Kathleen’s personal e-mail address at kathleenmiggins@gmail.com

So, please give Larry and Kathleen some thought and drop him a line at the address provided here. I say “and Kathleen” today because she has been in this long stretch of smiling, loyal, loving, and happy marriage for much longer than even some of us elder members of the baseball community may venture to recall.

God Bless! ~ God Bless us all! ~ But today especially ~ May God Bless Larry Miggins!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


6 Responses to “Happy 93rd Birthday, Larry Miggins!”

  1. bobcopus Says:

    Happy Birthday Larry!

  2. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Happy 93rd Birthday to You,
    Mr. Larry Miggins Himself !!!
    Love and Peace to Kathleen too,
    And also the entire Miggins Family !!!
    ~ Bill, Norma, and Casey McCurdy

  3. Tom Hunter Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Miggins.

    I only know about you through the many references made by your friend Bill McCurdy and the story Vin Scully told about the prediction he made in high school about the two of you.

    That he was at the microphone on the day you got your first major league home run against Preacher Roe at Ebbits Field on May 13, 1952 surely must qualify as a miracle.

  4. Fred Soland Says:

    Happy birthday Mr. Miggins!! As the founder of the the infamous “Miggins Nine” family baseball team, you name will forever be emblazened on those of us who knew you, and your offspring!!

  5. maxwell1901 Says:

    Happy birthday Larry from Toronto

  6. Michael McCroskey Says:

    A belated Happy Birthday, Larry!

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