Night of the Hunter: Bregman is All Star MVP

Alex Bregman
2018 All Star Game

Stirred on quietly by the ancient force of Astros fan Tom Hunter’s clairvoyance that something akin to “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” was about to unfold when Alex Bregman took the field Tuesday evening for the MLB All Star Game, the young man with cold blue ball-killer eyes took the field with that glinting frozen smile that also inevitably presides on such nights for this young man. It was about to be ~ the most special night for this stealth-filled hunter in his career as a killer of the cowhide-covered orb.

Alex did not come alone with that salivating design.

On a a big game hunter’s night ~ one in which 50% of the 20 total game hits collected by both All Star Clubs were home runs, Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros delivered the great difference-maker with the score tied at 5-5, leading off the top of the 10th for the American League. Bregman’s homer made it 6-5, AL – with Astros mate George Springer immediately following Alex’s blow to left with an opposite field homer of his own to right.

By the time the full extra stanza had been played, the AL had defeated the NL by 8-6, and Mr. Cold-Steel Blue Eyes, Alex Bregman himself, had been named as MVP of the 2018 All Star Game at Washington, DC.

In a night of great power balance, the American and National League teams each registered 5 home runs each.

For further details, please look elsewhere. This js most simply a morning-after visual post of another fresh major moment in the redundantly unfolding joy that is now suddenly available to Houston Astros fans in this era of great talent and accomplishment capacity.

We do want to congratulate our good friend and Pecan Park Eagle reader, Tom Hunter, for calling the shot on Alex Bregman’s big night, several hours prior to the game. Hunter suggested that Bregman was on the brink of drawing attention to himself at the game ~ and in a way that could be tantamount to the spotlight that actor Jimmy Stewart once attained in the movie remembered today as “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

It turned out to be “The Night of the Hunter”. By mysterious hunch. By design. By the number of explosions. As an extension of the Home Run Derby. And by the look that could be seen in those Cool Hand Lukish Paul Newman eyes of Alex Bregman.

Late last night, not the night before, Alex Bregman not only affirmed that powerful spiritual hunch of Denver-based supporter Tom Hunter, he flat-out took the Washington evening and turned it into “The Night of the Hunter” for all AL and Astros fans.

Look again into those cool deliberate eyes that you see in the graphic above you, Astros fans, and just be glad and grateful that young Mr. Alex Bregman is on our side!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Night of the Hunter: Bregman is All Star MVP”

  1. Bob Dorrill Says:

    Before the All Star game Pedro Martinez predicated Bregman would be the All Star Game MVP. Nice job Pedro.

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    I’m wearing my Bregman (2) Astros T-shirt again today to celebrate and look forward to seeing him and the rest of the team when they come to Coors Field next Tuesday for a two-game set with the Rockies.

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