Lagniappe: July 6, 2018

A Hometown Pennant

The Face of Minor League America. A Houstonian friend of mine from Syracuse brought me this pennant from his recent vacation home to the old ball park there and a game in which he watched the Syracuse Chiefs play their big rivals, the Rochester Red Wings. The halcyon days of bitterness between the two upstate New York clubs must be all but done. We did not even discuss the game or the eventual outcome. I also couldn’t name half the clubs I saw on the pennant by logo, but, of course, like most observers, Kevin Costner included, I did recognize the Durham Bulls and the Hollywood Stars in there. – The old Houston Buffs did not even make the layout cut. Maybe you had to be a living club to make the canvas. – At any rate, the pennant now has a decorative place on my Wall of Honor. – Thanks again, dear friend.

Yuli Gurriel
Now Hitting .300

Gurriel BA on the Upward move. Yuli Gurriel’s game-winning hit in the bottom of the 10th last night not only gave the Astros a 4-3 comeback walk-off win over the White Sox in the their four-game series opener at MMP, it also boosted his batting average to .300. The surreal bat of Jose Altuve, at .332, good enough for second place in the current AL batting average chase, is the only other .300 mark among qualifying Astros hitters. Altuve’s recent dip has opened the door for Mooky Betts of Boston to take the lead with a .338 BA, as Jean Segura essentially ties Altuve for 2nd place at .332 also. Gurriel at .300 is currently sitting just outside the Top Ten.

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Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Lagniappe: July 6, 2018”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    The bottom left red and white “db” logo on the pennant is of the 1982 Denver Bears when they were an American Association AAA affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

  2. Larry Dierker Says:

    I was a Hollywood Stars fan before the Dodgers arrived in L. A. My favorite player was Carlos Bernier — not because he was a great player but because I liked the sound of his name. That was back when I was a pure fan. Check out the Wrigley Field piece on and add your favorite name to the list.

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