A Little Help, From and For Our Friends

The Wonderful Darrell Pittman Brings Us The Following Report….


From Darrell Pittman (Via E-Mail) ~

“It seems that the Galveston paper thought the name of the Travis Street ballpark was ‘Herald Park.’

“Evidently, the temporary ballpark at the Houston Driving Park on Harrisburg had the left field fence in so close that balls hit over it were declared to be doubles.”

~ Galveston Daily News, June 19, 1904.


The Magnificent Maxwell Kates Has a Colt .45 Research Request ~

From Maxwell Kates (Via E-Mail) ~


        “Hope all is well with you.  I am writing to follow up on an e-mail I sent on May 26 about the SABR book Bill Nowlin and I are working on about Expansion Teams.  As you know, it is slated to come out this October or November in time for my Houston visit.  We’ve got the text side of it under control. What we’re looking for is material we can use for graphics – photographs of the expansion draft, photos of the organizing group, any graphics at all (newspaper notices, pamphlets sent out to possible investors or sponsors, early season ticket solicitations, etc.). Bill has been copied on this message.

“Do you have anything along those lines for the Colt .45s from your photo archive at the Pecan Park Eagle? Are there other people to whom you can direct me who might be historians – individuals, or libraries – and who might have an item or two, or even a good collection?

“Even coming up with one or two things would be very helpful.

“I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you for your assistance.


        “Maxwell Kates”

Dear Pecan Park Eagle Readers:

Beyond newly made retro caps, I don’t have a photograph, a scorecard, pennant, signed ball, or bobble head from the Colt .45 period. If you do have anything that could be photographed and sent to Maxwell by attachment for inclusion in his project, please do so soon.

We need to reach out and help him. Beyond Maxwell Kates, I cannot remember anyone else whose outsider early interest in our Houston area baseball history converted so rapidly into the kind of quality research and writing that Maxwell Kates brings to the table. And this thing he’s doing on the Colt .45s is the biggest leap he’s made to date.

You may contact Maxwell through his e-mail address so please do so, no matter how small you think your contribution may be. If it exists, no matter how small, it’s part of our Colt .45 history and it deserves to be connected to the larger family tree of things.

The e-mail address for Maxwell Kates is maxwelliankates@hotmail.com

If he wants to add other e-mail, address, or phone options, Maxwell is free to post those contact options as a comment at the end of this column.

Thank you.

Bill McCurdy

The Pecan Park Eagle



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

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2 Responses to “A Little Help, From and For Our Friends”

  1. maxwell1901 Says:

    This is worthy of a Ho-Ho-Holy Toledo! Thank you so much, Bill.

  2. maxwell1901 Says:

    Yes, please feel free to contact me by e-mail for any leads on photos. We all get by with a little help from our friends.

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