Astros Not Close to Win Streak Record

John McGraw, Manager
New York Giants
McGraw’s 1916 Giants hold the regular season MLB record for most consecutive wins without a loss at 26.

With 12 straight regular season wins now in the can, the 2018 Houston Astros are still 14 wins shy of tying the all time regular season wins record of 26 established by the 1916 New York Giants. Last year’s 2017 Cleveland Indians did get close enough to take the 2nd spot on the list with 22, but most of the Top Ten clubs, except for the #5t 2002 Oakland Athletics with 20 wins, were teams from fifty plus years ago to earlier 19th century times.

Four of the Top Streak teams, including the #1 leading Giants, had tie games that interrupted, but did not perish their win streaks along the way, since ties don’t count in baseball, but that always bugged the perfectionist that never truly dies within me. I just don’t like the idea that the 1916 Giants had to play 27 games to win 26 games in a row.

Here’s the tabular picture of the Regular Season Top Ten Consecutive Game Winners in MLB History:

1 26a New York Giants 1916 86-66
2 22 Cleveland Indians 2017 102-60
3t 21a Chicago White Stockings 1880 67-17
3t 21 Chicago Cubs 1935 100-54
5t 20 St. Louis Maroons 1884 94-19
5t 20 Providence Grays 1884 84-28
5t 20 Oakland Athletics 2002 103-59
8t 19a Chicago White Sox 1906* 93-58
8t 19 New York Yankees 1947* 97-57
10t 18 Chicago White Stockings 1885 87-25
10t 18a Boston Beaneaters 1891 87-51
10t 18 New York Giants 1904 106-47
10t 18 New York Yankees 1953* 99-52

The streak pattern above is based upon regular season games only. The two utilized codes apply only to the teams denoted:

a = Denotes streaks that contain unofficial tie(s) not included in the win totals that did occur during the period of the streak at least once.

* = Denotes streak seasons in which a team won the World Series.

Data Notes: Beneath the 13 above tabled teams that currently hold the lead as the Top Ten consecutive regular season game winners, 17 other clubs follow to fill the #s 14 through 21 spots that fill the (undisplayed here) second ten consecutive wins record teams for regular season play. All these clubs have either 17 or 16 as Regular Season consecutive win totals.

For further details, check out the far more detailed “Regular Season” list at this link:

If there are any Regular Season clubs that then follow with Regular Season straight win streaks that total 15 to 13, they are not shown at this reference site.

And that brings us to the 2018 Houston Astros, who currently find themselves sitting on a 12 regular season win streak total following that exciting bottom of the 9th, 5-4, comeback win over the Tampa Bay Rays on Monday night, June 18, 2018.

An Uprising of Baseball Hearts. Following the fortunes of one’s hometown baseball club may be painful and difficult for years, — and all of a sudden — and seemingly out of the blue – along comes a fine collection of field and front office talent, in combination with a club owner whose wisdom for what works best through others seems to surpass the fiery needs of raw ego that some powerful people have for inhaling all personal credit and – voila – we “suddenly” have a World Series winner in town that apparently hungers for more.

Keep it up, Jim Crane. Keep it up, Jeff Luhnow. Keep it up, Reid Ryan. Keep it up, A.J. Hinch. Keep it up, Jose Altuve. Keep it up, Justin Verlander. Keep it up too, all of you other Houston Astros. Keep it up, Mike Acosta, and all other spirited members of the Houston Astros administrative family. And keep it up too, all of you other wide and deep orange and blue to the core Houston Astros fans.

Peace. Love. And “Play Ball, Astros!” Our time is at hand.

Our time is now.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Astros Not Close to Win Streak Record”

  1. Larry Dierker Says:

    Trivia,: What is the consecutive win record for professional baseball? Hint: It’s close to home.

  2. Rick B. Says:

    The 1987 Salt Lake City Trappers won 29 in a row while playing at Derks Field. Is the name of their stadium a play on words (“close to home” = Dierker – Dierk’s – Derk’s)?

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