Here He Comes ~ To Save The Day!


American League BA Leaders Thru 6/08/18 *

# Leaders to 6/09/18 Team G AB H BA
1 Mookie Betts Red Sox 48 184 66 .359
2 Jose Altuve Astros 65 264 90 .341
3 Juan Segura Mariners 60 253 86 .340
4 Andrelton Simmons Angels 59 215 71 .330
5 Nick Castellanos Tigers 62 252 83 .329
6 Michael Brantley Indians 51 207 67 .324
7 Manny Machado Orioles 62 240 76 .317
8 Matt Duffy Rays 47 187 59 .316
9 Eddie Rosario Twins 60 238 75 .315
10 J.D. Martinez Red Sox 60 229 72 .314

 * Astro Players in Bold Type. **

** (And his family name starts with an “A”)

We agree with a comment posted this past week by Wayne Chandler. In effect, we Astro fans all want one thing first when it comes to our wonderful Mr./Senor Jose Altuve. We want him to stay happy, healthy, and humble about his major contributing role in the ultimately highest levels of baseball success they have achieved in 2017 and continue to seek in 2018, with all the important help he’s getting from all our other club’s great players.

We would simply add a thought that we feel certain that Wayne Chandler and all other serious Astros fans might also be cool with as a no-brainer. ~ If Altuve can achieve all those basic groundings to the core reasons for his hitting success ~ and still also win another (4th) batting championship, to boot, we shall have no problem joining the crowd that wants to lead his cheers.

Go for it, Jose, but only as the bi-product of how your natural ability, attitude, life style, and understanding that school is never finished in the game of baseball ~ all of these things come together to help you achieve at levels that few others ever reach.

And best wishes to all of you Astros for a strong finish Saturday and Sunday in the home of the Texas Rangers.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Here He Comes ~ To Save The Day!”

  1. don matlosz Says:

    Who is the best player in the MLB? Bryce Harper the NL candidate is batting a paltry 228. Mike Trout the AL candidate at 300. J Altuve is by far the best player in MLB

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