AL Batting Average Race: June 3, 2018

American League Batting Average Championship

Contenders Through Sunday, June 3, 2018:

# Leaders to 6/03/18 Team G AB H BA
1 Mookie Betts Red Sox 48 184 66 .359
2 Andrelton Simmons Angels 57 211 71 .3365
3 Nick Castellanos Tigers 56 226 76 .3363
4 Juan Segura Mariners 56 236 78 .331
5 Jose Altuve Astros 61 249 82 .329
6 Manny Machado Orioles 58 226 74 .327
7 Michael Brantley Indians 48 195 63 .323
8 Eddie Rosario Twins 55 218 69 .317
9 J.D. Martinez Red Sox 57 219 69 .315
10 Matt Duffy Rays 43 172 53 .308

Are you old enough to remember when little daily information on the batting and pitching leadership races were available every morning in most large city sports pages? And you didn’t even have to “log in” or remember your password to make the data available to you. All you had to is find the sports pages section of the paper. The facts that it was summer — and that it was baseball season — would take care of the rest.

In spite of his measly 1 single in 5 trips to the plate, with 3 strike outs, in Sunday’s 9-3 Astros loss to the Red Sox in Houston, Jose Altuve is showing gradient improvement signs on most recent days of coming back to the force he was in 2017. — With 82 hits, so far, he’s already established himself as the total hits leader in the big leagues.

Today’s column is little more than an homage to the old-fashioned easy days of accurate, up-to-date, and easy access to daily change in the standings and batting average races.

If only for a moment, it seems like old times.


Publisher Note. I wrote a column similar to this one a couple of days ago, but I’m almost certain that most of you never received my notice of it. The robotic humanoids that allegedly attempt to control the proliferation of spam on the Internet are becoming harder to please and — just as forever they’ve always been — they unavailable for discussion of the fact that The Pecan Park Eagle is not trying to sell anything, or supply anyone, with anything they don’t want, via a message that comes involuntarily to a mailbox that does not want it, or by some sneaky word-loaded sales pitch.

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Bill McCurdy, Publisher



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

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