Ex-2017 Astros, So Far, In 2018

“People little note nor long remember what I did as an Astro, but they hardly ever forget what you didn’t do because it shows up in your paycheck at the next career stop.”
~ Tyler Clippard.

It would be more fun to look back at the few 2017 personnel problems the Astros divested themselves from in 2018, if this were not also a time in the schedule in which looking back at last night’s late loss to the Yankees and the other 9th inning Astros pen collapse in the third game in Cleveland arose to remind us that more change may still be needed.

Get my drift?

At any rate, even a cursory look at the 2017 releases and trade-aways suggests that Mr. Luhnow is still doing his superb job of sniffing out the soon-to-be-ripe from the now-over-ripe to the never-will-be-ripe and doing his job accordingly.

Here’s the table that features every 2017 Astro who is now playing for another MLB club, so far, in 2018:

A Look at 2017 Astros Now Playing for Other Clubs in 2018

Through Games of Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tyler Clippard RP 33 BLUE JAYS 4 2 3.33 27.0 15 29
Michael Feliz RP 26 PIRATES 0 2 5.87 23.0 11 29
Mike Fiers SP 33 TIGERS 4 3 4.78 49.0 10 32
Luke Gregerson RP 34 CARDINALS 0 0 8.64 08.1 03 08
Francisco Liriano SP 35 TIGERS 3 2 3.90 57.2 29 45
Joe Musgrove SP 26 PIRATES 1 0 0.00 07.0 00 07
Juan Centeno C 29 RANGERS 10 37 03 06 1 .162
Colin Moran 3B 26 PIRATES 48 145 17 38 4 .262
Teosc. Hernandez OF 26 BLUE JAYS 40 162 23 40 7 .247
Cameron Maybin OF 31 MARLINS 52 129 09 32 0 .248
Carlos Beltran DH 40 (Retired)

Other than infielder Colin Moran and pitcher Joe Musgrove, who went to the Pirates, along with pitcher Michael Feliz, in the Gerrit Cole trade, all other detachments here bear with them no regrets at all. And we had to give up the guys we moved to Pittsburgh to get Cole, the second strongest starter in the Astros’ 2018 rotation.

Now, if the Astros can just find a monster closer somewhere who does not again turn out to be Jekyll and Hyde, that would be great.


Coming Attractions!!!

Tal Smith and Larry Dierker are all smiles at the new Astrodome historical marker installed on May 29, 2018. Look for a story coming your way soon here at TPPE from Bob Dorrill about the big moment.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle




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