Looks Like A Job for Dierkerman!

“And my mother wanted me to be a DOCTOR!?!”


From Bob Hulsey’s This Date in Astros History at AstrosDaily.Com, Darrell Pittman sends us the game we report we used in constructing this entry for June 8, 1969:

Private Larry Dierker, on a 24-hour pass from the Army while fulfilling his military commitment in Louisiana, outduels Steve Carlton for a 2-1, eleven-inning triumph over the Cardinals at the Astrodome. Dierker allows just five hits and caps his night by driving in Julio Gotay with the game-winner. Dierker singled off Joe Hoerner to earn his eighth win of the year.

….Original Source: Omaha World-Herald, June 9, 1969….

Headlining Dierker’s feat as a “Fruitful ‘Vacation’ from Uncle Sam”, the Omaha Times-Herald continued in larger bold type to explain that the Astro ace had taken a one-day pass from his military service to fly to Houston and win the baseball contest, much to the joy of Houston manager Harry Walker and to the chagrine of the St. Louis Cardinals.

The article did not divulge Dierker’s mode of speedy travel. “Look! Up in the sky! …. It’s a bird! …. It’s a plane! …. It’s …. Dierkerman!”


Here’s the (AP) literal portion of the account:

Houston (AP) — Manager Harry Walker is happy his ace pitcher Larry Dierker could manage a one day pass from Army duty. Dierker showed up Sunday from Fort Polk, La., where he is in Army Reserve training, and pitched and batted the Astros to a 2-1 victory over St. Louis.

Dierker pitched a five-hitter and singled across the winning run in the bottom of the 11th inning.

The 6-4 right-hander has another week of duty to complete his two-week summer encampment.

The Astros stuck the loss on Cardinal reliever Ron Willis when Joe Hoerner yielded a pair of hits.

Julio Gotay singled to start the 11th for the Astros. After Jesus Alou retired on a fly, Hoerner was called in to pitcher to John Edwards. Edwards singled and set the stage for Dierker.

“Harry Walker already told me I was coming out of the game,” Dierker said. “He told me ‘you’re hitting, but you’re still out of the game.’ ” Really, I was very surprised. I couldn’t believe he’d let me hit.”

Dierker hit to left center and the ball bounced against the wall.

“That’s the most innings I’ve ever pitched,” he said. “In the 10th I wasn’t tired, but in the 11th I was starting to wear. I’d never pitched more than nine innings before.”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Looks Like A Job for Dierkerman!”

  1. maxwell1901 Says:

    Truth, justice, and the Dierkerman way

  2. Mike McCroskey Says:

    Extra inning complete game. Time of game 2 hours and 46 minutes! 4 total pitchers for both teams as Carlton went 10 innings. What a difference compared to today’s games.

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