Starting Nine for the Windsor Royals


The Duke of Earl will serve as manager of the newly formed WIndsor Royals club, if they can get their British act off the ground and running in the fine arts of American Baseball play.

Congratulations, Harry and Meghan! Now that the royal wedding’s over, we dedicate this lineup to the both of you. Now it’s your turn to start knocking out a few additions to the already complex line of succession to the Royal Throne of England.

I didn’t exactly wake up to see the Royal Wedding this morning, but that’s pretty much how it worked out, even to the point of inspiring some research into the creation of today’s most recent lineup column, which are always fun for me, even if that’s as far as the merriment goes.

“Now Playing Ball for the Windsor Royals ….”

Mel Queen Pitcher 1966-1972 1967 14-8, 2.76
Hal King Catcher 1967-1974 1970 .260, 11 HR
Tom Prince 1st Base 1987-2003 1991 .265, 1 HR
Howard Earl 2nd Base 1890-1891 1890 .247, 7 HR
Ray Knight 3RD Base 1974-1988 1979 .318, 10 HR
Harry Lord Shortstop 1907-1915 1911 .318, 10 HR
Zach Duke Left Field 2005-2018 2011 (pitcher) .300, 2 HR
Duke Snider Center Field 1947-1964 1954 .341, 41 HR *
Ray Noble Right Field 1951-1953 1951 (catcher) .234, 5 HR
  • It’s OK for this club of Royals to have two Dukes, even if one of them only uses “Duke” as a first name, as long as the one first-named “Duke” happens to be Duke Snider. Somebody’s got bat somebody in – even if that only happens when this one great hitting “first-name’s-Duke” star knocks it out of the park.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


4 Responses to “Starting Nine for the Windsor Royals”

  1. vdpittman Says:

    With Prince Fielder at DH?

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      DOLT! ~ How could I have missed Prince Fielder?!?

      Thanks, Darrell! By all means. Prince Fielder now has been signed as the ideal DH and spot-time 1st base relief guy for the Windsor Royals.

  2. Rick B. Says:

    Will John Tudor be the starting pitcher for the opposition?

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