Out of the Mist, the Ghost of Babe Ruth


Top 10 Home Run Totals
All Time Career Leaders

Courtesy of Baseball Almanac

Barry Bonds 762 1
Hank Aaron 755 2
Babe Ruth 714 3
Alex Rodriguez 696 4
Willie Mays 660 5
Ken Griffey, Jr. 630 6
Albert Pujols 619 7
Jim Thome 612 8
Sammy Sosa 609 9
Frank Robinson 586 10


Top 10 Batting Averages 
Among Top 10 HR Leaders

Inspired by Baseball Almanac

Babe Ruth .342 1
Hank Aaron .305 (.304998) 2
Albert Pujols .305 (.304538) 3
Willie Mays .302 4
Barry Bonds .298 5
Alex Rodriguez .295 6
Feank Robinson .294 7
Ken Griffey, Jr. .284 8
Jim Thome .276 9
Sammy Sosa .273 10

As a Pitcher…. and as we all know….. Babe Ruth also was the only member of the elite top ten home run hitters of all time to distinguish himself also as a pitcher on the HOF track of accomplishment.  His career mark of 94 wins against only 46 losses produced a .671 winning percentage and an ERA of 2.88, mostly with Boston, prior to his 1920 move to the Yankees — a move that put the roar firmly into baseball’s power conversion during the 1920s — and he made that move as one who brought power to a high batting average that is now sacrificed by most power hitters for the sake of power.

Next time the “next Babe Ruth” comes to town, let’s give him a chance to accomplish all these improbably simultaneous milestones as a guy who hits with great power and high average on the days he’s not earning mention for the Cy Young.

If he really does come along some day, my dime is on the odds that it really is the ghost of Babe Ruth. Who else could it be?

Congratulations to Jose Altuve for getting his first home run of the year this afternoon against the Angels. Now the plug is out of the jug. — Way to go, Jose Altuve!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

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