Sitting Prettier: Altuve Deal

“Sitting Prettier”
Jose Altuve’s new contract numbers have added character to his smile.

Since “Sitting Pretty” of earlier this week, the Houston Astros and superstar mighty mouse second base star and batting champion Jose Altuve have agreed to some crooked numbers on a five-year extension of his present contract through the 2004 season. The deal comes down to about a $32.2 million dollar average annual salary for each of the seasons covered in Altuve’s 2020-2024 work beyond the present two already locked in years covering 2018-2019.

Hallelujah!  At least we can now all get some sleep in Houston and keep setting up the rest of the team we shall need to keep up these newfound championship ways in motion as our dynasty-building commitment.

What next?

How about getting the 2018 season started, asap? The televised version of the 2018 home and away season is looking more attractive by each passing day – and by each new “dynamic pricing” explanation for the increase in ticket prices.

We get it. It’s going to take a lot of dough to pay for the kind of baseball we fans say we want to see on a regular basis.

So be it. Let’s do it right. Or not even try. If that means some of us will not be able to attend as many games as we once did, so be it. But let’s do all we can to support the recruitment of new fans who can help by their attendance in person.

Otherwise, let’s not feign surprise if performance by the Astros over time falls as a result of fan abandonment reaction to higher ticket prices. As we all should understand from our tenures as students of Life’s Led Zeppelin School of Economics.

Lead balloons never get off the ground.

But what we have in Houston is no lead balloon. It’s real. It’s rough. It’s ready to go. And it’s already proven it can win – and with more winning players signing up this season than ever before to the task of taking another Houston Astros club to a second consecutive World Series championship.

It’s up to the Houston baseball community – from the ownership to the players to the hard-core embedded fans and all of the welcomed newcomers – to figure out the new match required here between ticket cost and demand and get it done. We deserve it.

Maybe the Astros can figure out a way for fans to earn ticket purchase credit by their measurable contributions to an effort called something like “Houston Astros Tickets Strong”.

Play with the idea, Astros. Come up with something. Maybe attendance by game and season could be goals that pay off in a price break for fans who contribute measurably to each.

Think about it. Take action. And let’s get it done.

Now that would be “Sitting Prettiest!”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Sitting Prettier: Altuve Deal”

  1. don matlosz Says:

    Reward the best player in the major leagues. Mike Trout nor Brice Harper can compare to Altuve

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