Our Houston Sgt Pepper

“We’re Larry Dierker’s Hous-ton SA-BR Band!


We’re Larry Dierker’s Hous-ton SA-BR Band!


We’re Larry Dierker’s One-and-Only Astros Mostly brand!

Join us and watch the summers flow!


We’re Larry Dierker’s only,

Larry Dierker’s only,

Larry Dierker’s only,

…. SABR Band!


It’s wonderful to see you!

We’re glad you can be here!


With the answers all-so-near!


So give our Bob Dorrill – a call!

Find out – it hardly costs at all!

Little less – if you’re young or old!

And the fun is always hot – not cold!


Act now – and let us take you to!

The smile to heal all baseball tears!





Asking members what SABR means to each of them is a little like that ancient philosophical question: “What happens when you ask a dozen blind men what an elephant feels like?” Of course, it depends upon what they each have been grabbing and holding onto over the years. It feels much bigger to those who have been moving around the gargantuan beast over time, but it’s still big enough to handle the needs of the one-spot grabbers too.

SABR stands for the “Society for American Baseball Research.” It formed in 1971, attracting the brain spectrum of people interested in baseball as both a great measurable sport and a serious cultural root in this country’s growth. The SABR members today fall into three distinct groups. As “blind men”, they may be only interested in the math generated by the game as it pertains to past performance comparisons or to the future analytic predictions of what it will take to build a championship ball club. Or they may be way to the other side, knee-deep in the poetic evolution of baseball as “the stuff and literature that baseball dreams are made of”. Or – believe it or not – they are the double dominant brain hemisphere people who enjoy the game for both the bite of its numbers and its story-generating power.

47 years into the mix, the gradient brain preferences of the average SABR member appear about as mixed as you might expect them to be – and with the growing realization among SABR people too that the common water table of interest between any two members is most often quickly discovered between any two members who both open their mouths to share with each other their common treks to the organization.

Today SABR has chapters world-wide. The USA locations usually are dedicated by chapter name to some former player of importance to the area. Houston has a great identity fit in Larry Dierker, the former great Houston pitcher and media guy, before going on to becoming the big winning manager in four of five early playoff series from 1997 through 2001. Today Larry Dierker is our guy on the masthead of baseball and life courage credit – and everything we could want in our own “Sgt. Pepper” leader of our Houston Chapter band. Active in our monthly SABR meetings, Larry also is a frequent presenter.

One more log on the fire for those who don’t know of it. Larry Dierker broke into the big leagues by starting a game against the San Francisco Giants at old Colt Stadium on his 18th birthday, September 22, 1964. The club was still known as the Colt .45s in that third and final year before the Astrodome opening.

Larry didn’t win that day, but he struck out the legendary Willie Mays the first time he faced him in the big leagues – and on his 18th birthday no less! Enough said.

We are – The Larry Dierker Chapter of SABR.

The annual dues for SABR are $65. If you are under 30, or over 65, your dues are $45. Cheaper rates are available for 3-year memberships, if you prefer.

A number of printed publications will come to you annually for no charge. The only thing you miss by not going to our monthly meetings is the chance to meet and hear directly from people like Larry Dierker, Jimmy Wynn, Tal Smith, Bill Brown, Greg Lucas, former Houston Buff slugger Larry Miggins, and, over time, practically every other living former Houston Astro and other former big leaguer who lives in our area.

One more thing. You do not have to be a baseball expert to fit in. We are a body of baseball fans, men and women who love the game because of how the game continues to touch our lives.

For more information about our monthly meetings in the St. Thomas High School area of town, please contact our Larry Dierker Chapter Director, Mr. Bob Dorrill. It you are willing to open the door on the best time in your life, Bob Dorrill will help you get it started today.

Just don’t procrastinate. If you had joined us this time last year, you too could have been there as we wished A.J. Hinch good luck in 2017!

Bob Dorrill Contact #s:

phone: 281-361-7874

email: bdorrill@aol.com



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle




6 Responses to “Our Houston Sgt Pepper”

  1. Rob Zimmerman Says:

    Bill, would like to discuss your Curt Walker history… thank-you!

  2. maxwell1901 Says:

    “Guaranteed to have the time of your life,” that almost sounds like the Mets theme song. My name is Maxwell and I endorse this SABR chapter.

  3. Bill McCurdy Says:

    “….and, of course. Harry the Horse, dances the waltz!”

  4. It Was a SABR Meeting Cloudbuster | The Pecan Park Eagle Says:

    […] https://bill37mccurdy.com/2018/03/12/our-houston-sgt-pepper/ […]

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