The Deposition All Star Lineup Quotes

“Yes, officer. I always visit the convents of St. Louis each trip.”
~ Babe Ruth

What is this stuff? These are things that a lineup of great MLB stars might have said as quotes from a deposition they each were giving in wildly variable life circumstance situations. We do not think you will find any of them recorded elsewhere since they all have severally and separately incubated in the corners of our own mental digestions over time.

Hope you find some joyful pre-season merriment, a smile, or a mirk – somewhere amidst the group of ten.

The Deposition All Star Lineup Quotes

P Eddie Cicotte “All I ever really wanted was a raise that matched my pitching results.”
C Clint Courtney “If you want to keep your face, don’t slide home head first.”
1B Hal Chase “I don’t fix anything. I simply make winning or losing a matter of art.”
2B Billy Martin “Try not to cross me on a bad day and we’ll get along fine.”
3B Pete Rose “I only bet on my own team to win in baseball games.”
SS Leo Durocher “Me and my friends never discuss base stealing – or vice versa.”
LF Barry Bonds “All I really got out of the stuff was a faster bald head.”
CF Joe Jackson “I never fixed nuthin’. I just kept a bag of money they left in my room for me.”
RF Babe Ruth “Yes, officer. I always visit the convents of St. Louis each trip.”
DH Carlos Lee “I liked the DH spot. It’s a lot easier on cattlemen who also don’t run much, anyway.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



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