Eagle Summoned for Sea Serpent Mission

‘Hey, Maxwell! No one in our family has read the book – and the McCurdy ancestor it references never read any books – but we do still have this sketch of him holding the club we also still possess. – Do we still need to dispatch that Irish sea serpent?” ~ Regards, Bill.


Our SABR friend and Pecan Park Eagle writing contributor, Maxwell Kates, sent us the following information by e-mail late last night. It came from a book he just finished reading.

Maxwell reports verbatim on a passage about an unspecified place in Ireland from the last chapter of a book entitled “The World’s Most Travelled Man” about a man’s travels over the years to every country on earth:

“A local legend says that a man-eating sea serpent lives nearby and can only be slain by a man named McCurdy wearing clothing made of calf skin, wielding a club with three nails in it that have never been used to shoe a horse.”

Now he wants to know if we are up to the man-eating sea serpent “challenge”.

If there remains a sea serpent problem, all we can do is quote our answer as clearly as Curly of the Three Stooges once might have, for sure. – Are we willing to help?

“Why soitenly! – Let’s get on it!”

The nails in Super X Power Great-Grandpa’s club were never used to shoe any horses, but we did use the club once to bang a bent spare tire rim back in line so we could change a flat tire on an old Ford Mustang on a lonely West Texas highway years ago. That action probably wouldn’t count as a real-horse shoe job and destroy the lethal power of the three-nailed club, but, regardless, we will not be stopped by any fear that may try to attach itself to an illogical uncertainty that all but oozes from an old Irish legend.

Watch your head, sea serpent. – Here comes a magical monster mental migraine to go with the concussive trauma that also soon shall befall you. Since we have learned that you also are a Dodger fan, we are bringing you a copy of the 2017 DVD of the World Series. You are free to watch it repetitively during your period of convalescence from our club-inspired go-away message.

And thanks again, Maxwell Kates, for some playful transmissions of thought. Let this column serve as our little publication foray into the world of Casual Friday.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Eagle Summoned for Sea Serpent Mission”

  1. maxwell1901 Says:

    That’s hysterical – thank you for the acknowledgment

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