An Alphabetical Take on the 2018 Houston Astros

BTW, Ogden. – Old age begins when you start to feel the same way anytime the phone rings.


A Nash Note. One more brilliant Ogden Nash quote.He said it about ketchup, but I think he intended it for writers about writer’s block, an affliction. It goes like this:

“Shake, shake the ketchup bottle.

None will come.

And then a lot’ll.”


An Alphabetical Take on the 2018 Houston Astros:

And a Very Deferential Homage to My Ogden Nash Hero

By Bill McCurdy


A is for the Astros

And our A-Team city, Houston.

Altuve is the very best

And we never stop our boostin’.


B is for our Buffalos

And Baseball on the Bayou.

And all that kept the dream alive

O’er the years of feint tear sigh-oh.


C is for our short-lived Colts

And the Captain Craft who led them.

And Courteous we all shall be

To the Courage Fire he tread them.


D is for the Details

We shall bear in mind forever.

Determination, our apt starter

Is for keeps; there is no barter.


E is for the Excellence

We seek in every season.

Just watch Jose Altuve play.

There is no other reason.


F is for the Fan Support

That shows up, rain or shine.

Fans don’t wait for bands to play

To find their place in line.


G is for how Great it is,

A 4-3 out at first.

Gurriel grins in two-armed shout.

We’ve finally quenched our thirst.


H is for our Happiness

To feel a joy that lasts.

One that fills each crevice

Of Disappointments Past.


I is for the Independence

Winning finally brings

From “what if” thoughts and sealing wax

Or cabbages and kings.


J is for that Justin guy

Who maybe gets “V” too.

He came here from the Tigers

And he honed his sharp claws blue.


K is for J’s partners,

Dallas Keuchel and Hudson, Kate.

The first one is J’s trusty work-bud,

The other his beautiful life-date.


L is for Loose and Loyal,

The nature of the Astros Beast.

It’s the stuff they are fed by their skipper.

And, oh yeah. – A.J. Hinch is also the yeast.


M is for how the Astros’ demand and supply

In players is Measured, Met, and Maintained.

Yes, Jeff Luhnow Analytics gets the job done.

Only the Sox, Yanks, and Bums have complained.


N is for the New ‘Stros that join us

Now yearning to play with the best.

Cole, Rondon, and Gose are upon us.

We’ll just have to wait for the rest.


O is for great Others who’ve been Astros Over Time.

Dierker, Wynn, and Cruz – Watson, Niekro, and Puhl.

Cedeno, Richard, and Scott – Ryan, Clemens, and Oswalt.

Biggio, Bagwell, and Bergman. – Other names are worthy too.


P is for the Passion that we Astros fans bear with us.

We risk the bruise of win or lose. – We love it all about us.

‘Cause now we’ve won and know the fun of winning;

It out-shouts us!


Q is for the Quality of Owner James R. Crane.

We could not have picked a better man to back a winning reign.

A logistic genius for moving complexity over time and space

Is now the owner of the World Series Champs. – Go figure.


R is for the Ratchet sound of this year’s expectation.

The growing chant of “back-to-back” fills all of Astros Nation.

Like all things hoped for in this life – there is no vaccination.

Ratchet all you want, my friends. – And risk Hope’s dissipation.


S is for the Summer Time. – By then we’ll know our chances

Of playing in the Show again – with a club that time enhances.

Arms of iron and bats of steel – now working hard in tandem,

Time by then – to know for sure – last season was not random.


T is just for Time Itself. – How long the Astros waited

To bring home victory’s bacon – to appetites so long baited.

But when they finally did it – on the famous 4 to 3

It saved that simple second – as joy – eternally.


U is for the fans called Us – whose loyalty is endless

At least, in human terms it is – our given hearts are boundless

So when you see us missing – as one day all must go

Keep watching for help invisibly – because you never know.


V is again for Verlander – because Victory is his brand

He brought it here to Houston – and taught our kids to stand.

And now he’s back to polish up – the reprise of that plan

By taking off from Opening Day – as a full year Astros Man.


W is for Winning – Winning Big – and Winning Twice.

We know the sour of losing – and Winning’s our sweet spice.

So bring out the flags on Opening Day – and let the Eagle fly.

Let’s “Go For Broke”, All Astros! – The big jets just flew by!


X is for the little eXtra thing – that each of us might do

To make each day more powerful – and satisfying too.

If each Astro improves even one small thing daily in 2018

Watch out for the result. – Do you know what I mean?


Y is the “You” that all of us see – when we look in the mirror.

The 2017 Astros could look in the mirror and translate JFK:

“Ask not what your ball club can do for you.

“Ask what you can do for your ball club.”


Z is for the Zenith that winning needs to be

Winning in full passion and ability – sometimes incredibly.

Knowing that we gave our all – whatever that may be

The 2017 Astros hugged The Zenith like an old friend.




Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “An Alphabetical Take on the 2018 Houston Astros”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Congratulations on your homage to Ogden Nash’s “Line-Up for Yesterday: An ABC of Baseball Immortals.” His entry for “D” is for former Houston Buffalo, Dizzy Dean:

    D is for Dean
    The grammatical Diz,
    When they asked, Who’s the tops?
    Said correctly, I is.

    My favorite Nash ditty was a take-off on Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees”:

    I think that I shall never see
    A billboard lovely as a tree.
    Indeed, unless the billboards fall
    I’ll never see a tree at all.

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