Trammell and Morris to Hall of Fame in 2018

Left: Alan Trammell
Right: Jack Morris
Hall of Fame ~ 2018

Click the following link for the full induction story:

Jack Morris, Alan Trammell elected to Hall of Fame by Modern Era Committee

Our Pecan Park Eagle Commentary

Great news in our eyes. And good for the Modern Era Committee for retrieving two deserving former Tigers who slipped through gaping holes in the Baseball Writers net some time ago. Not sure what the circumstances were in each case that made this oversight possible, but it does show how baseball always will need a down-the-road-of-time plan for reviewing the oversight or unfair handling of candidates who performed well enough, but somehow got marginalized and blocked from entry by other factors, on and off the field.

The Modern Era Committee is going to have their hands full dealing with the aging of all those steroid era high performers who were never actually convicted of anything, but did look, talk, and behave in ways that made them seem to be awfully guilty, and, sometimes, by their own words, probably were guilty.

Of something.

Hopefully, when it comes to the steroid era suspects, time will also help baseball come to a reckoning which rises in discernment from something more than “keep ’em all out” to “let ’em all in,” but that’s another problem for another day.

Today it’s time for most of us to say: “Congratulations, Jack Morris and Alan Trammell! The Hall of Fame awaits your deserved and welcomed call!”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



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