Astros Do TV’s Breakfast of Champions

Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and George Springer
On Saturday Night Live with Leslie Jones
November 4, 2017

One of the goodies that springs from a World Series win is the immediate short and showy appearance of players on the early morning and late night network TV shows that demand them for a few Andy Warhol moments in a broader-than-baseball spotlight. This time it appears that NBC picked off the earliest, biggest, and most often-seen attention spots. On Thursday night, 11/02/17, Jose Altuve somehow managed to get to New York for a guest spot on the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show and still get back to Houston for the big parade the next afternoon. That same morning, Carlos Correa and his fiancee made a “Skype” appearance on the NBC morning Today Show and last night, three of our local Astros heroes managed to slip back to NYC for an appearance on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

Comedienne Leslie Jones and comic Colin Jost of the Weekend Update crew at SNL hosted Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Alex Bregman in the premise that the three Astros had come to present “Yankee Fan” Jones with an Astros cap and jersey, plus a game ball, as a gift in honor of their brand new world championship – and in celebration of Jones’ willingness to jump on the club’s bandwagon in spite of the fact that she didn’t really seem to be a regular follower of the game.

Jones’ script was loaded with spurned too-long-lonely female comebacks that have been around, at least, since the 19th century, so you can imagine the range of things she may have said about the “gift of a ball” and be right, if you simply fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind. I never said this TV appearance came with any modicum presence of genius comedy. After all, it is the 2017 version of SNL.

Jones expressed her great joy in being sought out by the men, implicitly, since it doesn’t happen all the time, but she feigned frustration that a little guy like Altuve had done all that home run damage to her New York Yankees. Springer’s tame scripted line was to explain to Jones that it’s “not Jose’s fault he’s short”.

At that point, Jones uses a “come on over here, honey” approach and quickly has a shy, smiling, and bashful Altuve sitting on her lap. “This is something I never say, Honey, but I got to say it. Sometimes good things do come in small packages.”

And that was the line that brought the skit and our first featured picture up top to its grinning conclusion.

Jose Altuve and Jimmy Fallon
The NBC Tonight Show
November 2, 2017

One Lesson Down: Nobody ever said that everything about being in the spotlight as the reigning Baseball World Series Champion was always going going to be easy, especially, for the club’s stars.

George Springer Sidelines Interview
Colts @ Texans NFL Game
November 5, 2017
The Message to Texans?
“Here’s Ours! ~ Where’s Yours?”

One Lesson Up: When it’s New as a Pup, Winning Barks Its Whazzupp!

Carlos Correa on Jimmy Kimmel Live
November 6, 2017

One Lesson Ongoing Forever: Never propose marriage on television right after the end of Game 7 in the World Series unless you want to talk about it forever over the same media.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



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