Game 2: Both Managers Glimpse Pit of Misery

Now Immortalized!
Astros 7 – Dodgers 6 (11)
October 25, 2017
1st Astros Winning Pitcher in a World Series Game


Astros Pull Even in 2017 World Series

And it was like a wild emotional-range scramble through a mixture of wide-swinging good and bad baseball reality for the many of us who watched Game 2 at home on television – and for the fans of both teams – we’re pretty sure. – How could it not be? The Astros and Dodgers each cranked out 4 HR to set a record for the new high of 8 homers as the mark for most total HR in a single World Series game.

In fact, some of the things that happened in the game easily fell into the theme of that oft-shown Bud-Light commercial in which the villagers are bringing gifts of Bud Light six-packs to the king, as he then thanks them most graciously with a head table toast from one and all of DILLY!-DILLY!

The six-pack donors in this fantasy merger represent to the game’s home run hitters as their contributions to the honor of the baseball gods that run the World Series. The baseball gods table salute of Dilly-Dilly takes on the acknowledgement, indeed, that they are pleased.

When managers Dave Roberts and A.J. Hinch then both go up together to present their story to the baseball gods of how they each tried to ice the game by getting two innings of salvation work from their two closers – but failed, in spite of good intentions, they are given no credit for simply trying and are each harshly admonished for crossing one of baseball’s serious lines of managerial propriety: “A manager shall never expect too much of any single player for the sake of making himself look good, if it works out.” In this dual instance, it failed for both Kenley Jansen of the Dodgers and Ken Giles of the Astros in their second innings of effort.

“For this gift,” shouted the baseball gods speaker to both Roberts and Hinch, “go with my man Edwards here. He’s going to give each of you a tour of the Pit of Misery!”

“Pit of Misery! Dilly Dilly!” shouted the baseball gods in a sardonically smiling toast of condemnation.

Fortunately for the Astros, and the Integrity of Baseball, George Springer’s 2-Run Homer in the top of the 11th – and Chris Devenski’s final act punch-out of Yasiel Puig in the bottom of the 11th spared baseball its first World Series game version of the Pit of Misery – the one in which both managers might have been forced to use position players as pitchers into deep extra innings due to an exhaustion of all other options.

The Astros won Game Two, 7-6, in 11 exciting innings. And Chris Devenski is now and forever the first World Series game-winning pitcher for the Houston Astros. When later asked for his own reaction to the idea of having now earned that level of permanent acclaim, Devenski’s words were few, but heartfelt to the brim.

“I am honored,” said Chris Devenski, as he also brushed back a flood of emotion that also wanted to come out as either shouts, screams, laughter, kisses, hugs or tears – just minutes after he struck out Yasiel Puig to end the last threat to this first Astros World Series game victory in their second Series try. Much as we hate to recall it, the 2005 Astros lost the 2005 World Series as National Leaguers in a four-game sweep by the Chicago White Sox.

Now, if the Astros can only take the next three games at home, they can celebrate their ascendance to the title of 2017 World Series Champions without returning to Dodger Stadium for Games 6 or 7.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

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One Response to “Game 2: Both Managers Glimpse Pit of Misery”

  1. Fred Soland Says:

    Bill, there was another rarity that occurred in last night’s game. Prior to last night, there had been a total of 17 home runs hit in extra innings, forever. However, last night alone, there were 5 home runs hit in extra innings, in fact, in a span of 42 minutes. Pretty crazy stuff last night.

    On a side note, everyone knows Yasiel Puig is a flake….further evidenced by his special hair cut. But can anyone tell me why he licks his bat? Do they make flavored pine tar??

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