Body and Soul, We Are Houston to the Bone

They Will Need Plenty of Help, Of Course, But The Spiritual Forces That Have to Show Up Tonight ~ And We Think They Will ~ Are These Two Guys !

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A Testy Riddle for Comic Relief as we less-than-patiently await the Yankee storm that will now descend upon us in less than ten hours at this writing. ….

Question: Why do Astro players never make contact with their dogs as these pets are returning from a trip to the back yard?

Answer: Because their pets always race back to the house on a darting path that inevitably finishes low and away.


Do We Really Need Another Yankees-Dodgers World Series?

1 1941 NY, 4-3 0-1 1-0
2 1947 NY, 4-3 0-2 2-0
3 1949 NY, 4-1 0-3 3-0
4 1952 NY, 4-3 0-4 4-0
5 1953 NY, 4-2 0-5 5-0
6 1955 BRK, 4-3 1-5 5-1
7 1956 NY, 4-3 1-6 6-1
8 1963 LA, 4-0 2-6 6-2
9 1977 NY, 4-2 2-7 7-2
10 1978 NY, 4-2 2-8 8-2
11 1981 LA, 4-2 3-8 8-3

NOTE: Bold type shows continuing World Series record between these two teams since the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958. In all World Series action against each other, the Yankees have won a total of 37 games; the Dodgers have won a total of 31 games.


C’mon, Astros! Houston hasn’t had much to brag about since we once saw the 32-story Gulf Building go up as “The Tallest Skyscraper in the South!” May the force of all us diehard Astro fans go with you tonight ~ and with the wonderful Mr. Justin Verlander and all his teammates too! ~ Then go out Saturday and punch our tickets to the World Series, guys! ~ We will be with you all the way, body and soul!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle

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5 Responses to “Body and Soul, We Are Houston to the Bone”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:


    To finish the answer to your riddle about the dogs racing back on a darting path that inevitably finishes low and away, I would add “in the dirt in the opposite batter’s box, expanding the 17-inch-wide home plate by a foot.”

    But the local nine are home now away from Yankee Stadium magic and the raucous Bronx fans. What a joy to see the photo of the Gulf Building that once towered over downtown.

    I feel good about Verlander on the bump today, but worried about who takes the ball on Saturday. Go Astros!

    • Bill McCurdy Says:


      I’m having a good feeling about Verlander. Let’s hope that the bats can get him an early lead to build upon too. That runner we left on 3rd base in the first inning with only one out in Game 5 could have given Keuchel a 1-0 lead that might have changed the whole game, but we’ll never know now.

      Speaking of the Gulf Building, I took that picture of the old landmark downtown Gulf a few years ago after coming out of a night game at MMP. Now it floats all over the Internet for the common use of all. It’s partner, as you well know, was the Neils Esperson Building. In 1950, they were the skyline of downtown Houston. Remember?

      As for an Astros starter in Game 7, if there is one, I’m betting that Hinch brings back Lance McCullers on 3-days rest from his Tuesday, 81-pitch, very effective 2-hit start.

      • Tom Hunter Says:

        I do remember when the Gulf and Esperson buildings formed the “skyscraper” skyline of downtown Houston.

        Occasionally, my mother, sister, and I would drive from Pearland to meet my father–who worked at the downtown telephone company building–at James Coney Island on Walker Street for lunch. Seeing that skyline from the Gulf Freeway was always a thrill.

        Those two gothic buildings which once towered over downtown are now like mushroom stools, overshadowed and obscured by all the modern architecture.

  2. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Good God, has any team made it to the World Series with worse relievers? Got to the game last night, somewhat disappointed in the crowd (a lot of empty seats at game time and not all filled). When Verlander ran out of gas and Peacock came in the doom from NY began creeping in. Did they just postpone the inevitable last night? The pitching match up does not bode well. Hope I’m wrong.

  3. Wayne Roberts Says:

    Glad I was! Beat LA!

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