Altuve and Four Other Houston 2nd Basemen

Jose Altuve

Craig Biggio


Bill Doran

Nellie Fox


Joe Morgan







Looking at the Group of Five

Fox and Morgan made it all the way to the Hall of Fame, but they got there for the seasons they enjoyed – earlier with the White Sox for Fox and later with the Reds for Morgan. Only Biggio made it to Cooperstown as a career Houston Astro.

Barring an unforeseen banana peel on the sidewalk in the near years to come – or a suddenly voracious assault of avarice, greed, and runaway egos (See Yankees, Scott Boras, and numerous obvious actors in this potential melodrama for a deeper grip on what could go down here at some point), and Jose Altuve is looking more and more like a can’t miss shoo-in to follow Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell someday to that pristine village in upstate New York as the third all-Astro career great one to be enshrined.

Today’s Play Offs Game day off column is simply built around a little table I put together this morning with the help of data already compiled so neatly by Baseball

The following table simply normalizes a number of key career stats for one current and four former Houston MLB second basemen into how that data averages out, had the same percentage results by career been achieved over the course of a 162-game single season.

If you are unfamiliar with the initials that head each data column, simply check out their meanings at the conclusion of the table.

We note the most obvious. – Jose Altuve is the only active player in this group, the only three-time batting champion, a player whose power numbers are on the rise, the man arguably viewed as the most feared hitter in baseball, and a guy who is well on his decisively earned way to Cooperstown on clear and often glorious merit alone. (See Game 1 of the 2017 ALDS for an example of boom-boom-boom glory.)

Hope you enjoy what you see – and that you will leave your comments here at the column on what most peaks your interest from looking at these player comparative numbers.

Average Season Stats Based on 162-Game Season

For Five Houston Astro/Colt .45 2nd Basemen

Jose Altuve 711 652 93 206 14 66 38 44 76 .316 .362 .453
Craig Biggio 711 618 105 174 17 67 24 66 100 .281 .363 .433
Bill Doran 660 572 81 152 9 55 23 79 67 .266 .354 .373
Nellie Fox 708 632 88 182 2 54 5 49 15 .288 .348 .362
Joe Morgan 693 567 101 154 16 69 42 114 62 .271 .392 .427

PA: Plate Appearances

AB: At Bats

R: Runs

H: Hits

HR: Home Runs

RBI: Runs Batted In

SB: Stolen Bases

BB: Bases on Balls

SO: Strike Outs

BA: Batting Average

OBP: On Base Percentage

SLG: Slugging Average



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



3 Responses to “Altuve and Four Other Houston 2nd Basemen”

  1. Wayne Roberts Says:

    When is Altuve up for free agency? Isn’t it soon? I hate to sound pessimistic but my guess is Houston is not going like him in Yankee pinstripes or Dodger blue. Not retaining him in Houston could lead to another fan revolt. Keeping these kids is going to cost money.

  2. DAVIS O. BARKER Says:

    You forget Ernie Fazio ….

  3. Jim Schnietz Says:

    Astros will find a way to keep him.

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